Recommended App: World Time Widget

This week, I’m recommending World Time Widget, made by Lewis Smith. If you’re like me, you know and interact with people across multiple time zones. Coordinating meetings and calls with different time zones is a pain, especially if the calls are international. Then, just when I feel like I’m used to the time zones, Daylight Savings Time starts/ends and I have to remember which states and which countries shifted, which didn’t, and I have to relearn it all over again. Ick. I realized I was spending valuable mental energy trying to figure this stuff out and why not get an app for that? Rather than an app I have to open up, what if there was an app that put that info in a Today widget so it was always available with one swipe? Enter World Time Widget, a dead-simple app that solved this problem for me.

World Time Widget puts the timezones you choose in your Today view so that they can be seen with just one swipe. Just type the name of the city, arrange the order you like, and add it to your Today view and you’re done. Stop mentally converting timezones and save your energy for what matters. Your time and energy are worth every one of the ninety-nine pennies this app costs. Support and download World Time Widget today. I highly recommend it.