Christmas, holiday, & New Year deals on iOS apps, Mac apps, iTunes movies, and more!

There are over 4,000 iOS apps, Mac apps, & iTunes movies on sale for Christmas, Hannukah, & New Year’s. I went through all the deals and curated a list of fantastic deals on fantastic apps & movies via my new site Check out the deals!

Thanks to Setapp for sponsoring markdmill & mdmdeals this week!


SetappGrowing up, my father did lots of repairs on our car, but we never had specialty tools. Once, after struggling with a repair for several hours, he finally rented the specialty tool he needed–and he finished the work in a matter of minutes rather than hours. A productivity gain like that is what you get when you have the right tool for the job. Apps are no different; the right app will save you hours of productivity. Setapp gives you a subscription to all the right tools so that, no matter the job you need, you’ve already got the app on your computer.

Need to save space on your hard drive? Use CleanMyMac to instantly free up gigs of space, then use Gemini to eliminate duplicate files (and photos!).

Need to write something? Use a powerhouse app like Ulysses, a minimalist app like Focused, a blog-focused app like Blogo, or a book-focused app like Manuscripts.

Need to be more efficient at your work? Keep track of tasks using 2Do, GoodTask, or Taskpaper, then stay on task and focused with Be Focused Pro, and track your time with Timing,

Not sure what you need to do? No worries–that’s why Setapp offers access to dozens and dozens of high-quality, hand-picked apps, all for one low price. Don’t worry about trials, upgrades, or testing out different apps to figure out which one you want to use–get access to all the apps and use whatever works best for your specific job! Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 17.46.55

Try them out risk-free with Setapp’s truly free 30-day trial (no credit card required, cancel anytime). After the first month, you get all these apps and more for just $9.99 + tax a month. Download Setapp completely free today to start your trial!

My thanks to Setapp for sponsoring mdmdeals this week.

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