HelloTalk’s Language Tools [Sponsor]

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hellotalk_vertical_1000x761My thanks to HelloTalk for sponsoring this week of deals! HelloTalk is a free app in the app store that simply and easily connects you to native speakers of over a hundred languages. If you want to learn, practice, or refresh a language, HelloTalk can help you out. My Master’s degree is in ESL and I’ve written before about how HelloTalk can help you learn a language and how it is designed simply to connect you with a language partner. Today, I want to share how HelloTalk gives you some of the techniques and tools you need to learn a language.

In order to truly learn a language, you must not only have large quantities of input in that language, but it must be comprehensible–that is, slightly stretching to you, but still understandable. HelloTalk has built into the app the tools that you need to comprehend (and thus learn) language. For example, the other day I posted a message into my Moments feed, celebrating that I finished my last class for my Master’s Degree. HelloTalk enables other users to fix errors you may have made in your sentence–and within minutes, six different people had offered me corrections of my sentence (which you can see, below).


Now, some of those corrections I could understand, but some I couldn’t. I could respond to that person and get more practice, or I could also use HelloTalk’s tools. Just long-press the sentence you don’t understand and it gives you a pop-up (above right). In the options, you can have the sentence spoken, transliterated into a script I may be able to read (below left) or even translated it into my native language (below right).


Built-in tools like this make HelloTalk a great way to not just practice language, but get the tools you need to make the language comprehensible. I’ve not only practiced my Mandarin in HelloTalk,, but I’ve been able to get near-instant feedback on the errors I’ve made through their community and the tools they’ve made. It is a great way to keep learning even without a teacher.

If you want to learn, practice, or refresh a language, why not give HelloTalk a try? It’s free to download on the App Store today.


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