How to track Robinhood stocks using IFTTT, Launch Center Pro, and Workflow

I recently began using Robinhood to purchase and sell stocks. I love Robinhood, as it offers a 100% free, legite, no-gimmick way to buy and sell stock (they make their money from interest on uninvested funds), but I wanted to put my purchases into a spreadsheet so I could track them easier. Typing that data in automatically would be a pain and I didn’t want to do it with every transaction. Fortunately, Robinhood sends a confirmation email with the details of each transaction, so, with the magic of IFTTT, Launch Center Pro, Workflow, and Google Sheets, I was able to create a workflow that does this automatically with one tap.

Here’s the overview:

  1. An IFTTT recipe finds the Robinhood email and sends the text to Launch Center Pro
  2. Launch Center Pro gives me a notification on my phone that, when tapped, sends the text into Workflow
  3. Workflow parses the email into variables for date, stock symbol, stock price, purchase/sale, calculates the total value, and sends it to IFTTT
  4. IFTTT then places the data into a Google spreadsheet where I can do what I please with the data

In detail, here’s what that looks like:

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Watchscreen: Jay Torres, engineer & former Apple Retailer

Each week, I ask someone to share their watchscreen, examining how they’re using Apple Watch, what apps are useful, and tips or tricks they have. This week, I’ve asked Jay Torres (Twitter, Instagram) to share his screen.


Jay is an engineer by profession, formerly worked at an Apple Retail store, blogs about a wide variety of things at, and is a craft beer connoisseur.

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Automating Instagram Posts into DayOne

After MacSparky featured my home screen, I was contacted by several folks who were interested in my Instagram and DayOne workflows. I love DayOne and use it constantly to chronicle my life (read why I recommend it so much). I found, however, that if something was important enough I posted it to Instagram, I would also want to post it to DayOne. Doing that each time takes a lot of repetitive steps, so I looked at methods of automating the task on the Mac. These methods, unfortunately, are rather complex, so I set out to do it myself on iOS. There are three ways below that can help you do this.The best solution by far is the third, but depending on what apps you own or want to buy, you may choose to do it differently. Continue reading