Iconic: The Ultimate Tribute to Apple (Sponsor)

bookcoverI still remember the day I bought my first MacBook. I came home from the Apple Store, giddy with excitement. When I opened the box I noticed how every detail–down to the position plastic tabs–was crafted to surprise and delight. I had the exact same experience this week when I opened the book that is this week’s sponsor–Iconic: The Ultimate Tribute to Apple, a compilation of stunning photographs that chronicles Apple’s devices and design.

Apple 1

Iconic lives up to its name of “The Ultimate Tribute to Apple,” with its every detail designed to delight, just like Apple. Everything is absolutely stunning and gorgeous, from the quality of the photographs to the forewords by Jim Dalrymple and Steve Wozniak to the power button on the case that glows when you open it up (Ultimate Edition). If Apple made a book with their product pictures from the last 30 years, it would look like Iconic–it is that good. Iconic captures the details of Apple’s products in all their glory–from the circuit board that is Apple 1 (above) to prototypes, inside of cases, and even Apple’s packaging.

The result is stunningly delightful and absolutely gorgeous. I cannot imagine a better gift for any Apple fan. Next week, I’ll share some exclusive photos from Iconic and more of why I love it, but for now you can check out the Classic Edition on Amazon or explore the Classic Plus, Special, and Ultimate Editions at the Iconic website.

My thanks to Iconic for sponsoring markdmill.com this week! I’ve been blown away by the quality of Iconic and I know you will too.

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