App Recommendation: Due

Recommended App: Due


Each week, I want to recommend an app that I think belongs on anyone’s iPhone or Apple Watch. Today I’m recommending Due, the best timer/reminder iPhone & Apple Watch app out there. If you have repeating reminders of activities, Due is a far superior experience to the standard Reminders app. Not only Due has a fantastic Watch app (whereas Apple doesn’t), but it has terrific and customizable snoozing settings.

Unlike Apple’s Reminders, which you can either complete as done or a 15-minute snooze, Due allows you to choose how often you want to be reminded to finish a task and it will let you set how long a task’s snooze is. For months, I constantly forgot to take out the trash, even though I had a Reminder for it. If I was gone from home when the Reminder went off, I would have to snooze it an annoying number of times, so I would just mark the task as done or ignore it–and therefore forget the garbage. With Due, I can snooze the task one time and it will remind me 2 hours later and then bug me every minute until I get it done.

With each task, you can choose how frequently it should bug you if you don’t get it done. Super powerful, and it’s already helping me get done the time-sensitive tasks in my life. It’s $4.99 in the App Store and worth every penny.

Check it out in the App Store today! link-badge-appstore_2x

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