Great productivity apps on sale

Here are some fantastic apps on sale!

Note: the sale has past, to these are likely no longer on sale, but they are still fantastic apps that will serve you well!

iOS apps

    • Drafts 4, the best app to capture & automate text. I cannot recommend it highly enough; it’s one of my most-used apps (& one I used to write this post). Now 50% off, just $4.99! (Originally $9.99)
    • Things, my favorite task manager because of its perfect blend of power & simplicity; it also has one of the best Apple Watch apps I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend it, and now it’s 50% off, just $4.99! (Originally $9.99). Also 50% off are the apps for iPad ($9.99, from $19.99) and for Mac (now $24.99, from $49.99)
    • Due, the best reminder app out there, HIGHLY recommended; big sale, now $1.99! (Originally $4.99). Also has a terrific Apple Watch app to it. Read why I recommend it so much more than Apple’s Reminders app,
    • PCalc, most powerful calculator on iOS; 50% off, now $4.99! (Originally $9.99). Also 50% off is PCalc (Mac)now $4.99! (Originally $9.99)
    • Clear, beautifully simple minimalist task manager; perfect for simple tasks or if you’ve never used a to-do app before and want to start. Now 60% off, just $1.99! (Originally $4.99). Also on sale is Clear (Mac), now $4.99! (Originally $9.99)
    • Deliveries, best package delivery tracker out there; 60% off, now $1.99! (Originally $4.99). Also available is Deliveries (Mac)
    • Copied, a fantastic and powerful clipboard manager, now completely free! Also on sale (50% off) is Copied for Mac, which syncs with the iOS app; now $3.99! (Originally $7.99)
    • Astropad, write on your Mac using your iPad as a tablet input device; includes support for Apple Pencil & iPad Pro; 50% off, now $9.99 (orig $19.99)
    • PDF Expert 5, a top-notch app to manage annotate & sign PDFs; recommended; 50% off, now $4.99! (Originally $9.99)
    • Orby Widgets, add dozens of different functions in Today widgets; now free! (Originally $0.99)

Mac apps

    • 1Password (Mac), HIGHLY recommended must-have app to generate & store passwords; HUGE sale, now $24.99! (Originally $49.99). Also available on iOS for free (w/ IAP).
    • TextExpander, type snippets of text that expand into words, phrases, emails, even entire documents. This is my most-used app; today alone, it saved me 30 minutes of typing. Now 20% off with coupon code MDM20, just $35.96 (orig $44.95)
    • Copied (Mac), clipboard manager that syncs w/ iOS app; 50% off, now $3.99! (Originally $7.99). Also available on iOS which is now free for a limited time!
    • Desk PM, premiere blogging software for Mac that I use (& wrote this blog post in); great Markdown support and integration into WordPress, Medium, & most major blog sites; 50% off, now $9.99! (Originally $19.99)
    • Notability (Mac), fantastic note-taking application; great for students; 50% off, now $2.99! (Originally $5.99). Also available on iOS, which makes for a great syncing solution.
    • Screens VNC (Mac), best app to remotely access your Mac; 50% off, now $14.99! (Originally $29.99). Also availble on iOS.
    • DaisyDisk, visualize & manage what takes up space on your Mac ; 50% off, now $4.99! (Originally $9.99)
    • Yoink (Mac), holder for files, text, etc. that frees up your mouse; now $2.99! (Originally $7.99)
    • iTranslate (Mac), translate between 90 languages on your Mac; 50% off, now $4.99! (Originally $9.99). Also available on iOS
    • Magnet (Mac), manage, organize, & snap windows into place; now $1.99! (Originally $4.99)
    • Duet Display, use you iPad/iPhone as a second display for your Mac; 50% off, now $7.99! (Originally $14.99). Needs companion iOS app.
    • Quick Recorder (Mac), record audio from your Mac menu bar; now $0.99! (Originally $1.99)
    • iA Writer (Mac), powerful & minimalist writing app that syncs on all your devices; 50% off, now $9.99! (Originally $19.99)



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