App Recommendation: CopyFeed

Every so often, I recommend an app that I think belongs on anyone’s iPhone or Mac. Today I’m recommending CopyFeed, the best clipboard manager for iOS that I’ve ever used. There are many clipboard managers out there, but CopyFeed stripped away everything to its bare essence to create an incredibly fast and easy way to manager multiple clips.

CopyFeed makes it incredibly easy to get data into it: just go to the CopyFeed widget and it automatically stores the text without you needing to do anything else. There’s also an action extension for more situations. To get back at something you previously copied, go back to the widget; when you tap the text, it copies it back to the clipboard. No need to switch apps, no need to switch keyboards (though it has one too!) and you can juggle copying multiple pieces of information simultaneously without pain and without fuss. Buy CopyFeed for the Mac and not only will it enable easy clipboard management on your Mac, it will also sync your clipboards between your Mac and iOS devices.

I’ve used other clipboard managers before, but CopyFeed blows them all out of the water for its ease and simplicity of design. Download CopyFeed today for just $1.99 in the iOS or Mac App Stores (see below). It’s worth every penny for all the double-clicking and tapping it will save you.


Update 11/3: Due to some bugs I’ve found in the Mac app, I am putting my recommendation for the Mac app on hold. I’ve been in touch with the developer and fixes are in the works; I’ll update this post if they solve the issues and I can again recommend the Mac app. I still do highly recommend the iOS app.

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Update: All codes have been claimed! Thanks to Isa & CopyFeed for making this giveaway possible! If you didn’t get a code, make sure to check out CopyFeed in the iOS or Mac App Stores!


The developer, Isa Ranjha, is fantastic, responsive, and a great guy–so great, in fact, that he’s giving away 10 free copies of CopyFeed to readers of! Click on a code below; first come, first served!

Clicking/copying/using a code indicates you accept Apple’s terms & conditions regarding redemption codes. You may not sell, barter, or transfer a code for any reason or for any benefit, including, but not limited to: money, promotions, reviews, Twitter followers, friendships with shallow people, or slot toasters.

  1. 46NX7RYL4H7M
  4. 3NJA67RP9LPJ
  10. 74EFMMLYR4KY

Thanks to Isa for making this possible! If you got an iOS code (or didn’t!), make sure to check out CopyFeed in the iOS or Mac App Stores. It’s just $1.99 and worth every penny for the time it will save you.

For more app giveaways, recommendations, and analysis of the tech sector, subscribe to via RSSTumblr or by following MarkDMill on Twitter.

If the link does not work, then copy the code, open iTunes, click “redeem,” and enter the code! (“Redeem” is at the bottom of “Featured” section on iOS; in the “iTunes store” panel of main iTunes page on Mac). For more detailed directions,  go to Apple’s support page.

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