How to get Apple Watch Sport Bands to Fit Perfectly

Perhaps you’re like me, with a wrist that doesn’t fit perfectly into an already-prepared Apple Watch Sport band hole. If you find that you’re in between hole sizes, with one slightly tight and the next size slightly large, then don’t worry–you just might be in luck. Apple Watch Sport comes by default with the M/L band, but they also provide the S/M band which has hole spacing exactly in between the holes on the M/L band. Notice what they look like stacked on top of each other: Here’s how they line up:FullSizeRender 4

Or, putting them side by side and aligning the ends that go into the watch, notice how the holes are nearly exactly in between the holes on the other band:*Band hole spacing

(The lines really are exactly parallel; if it doesn’t appear that way, it’s due to this optical illusion)

So, if your band feels slightly tight or slightly loose and you’re between sizes, try switching bands and see if the other size is right for you! This was a clever way for Apple to provide yet even more spacing options for an even better fit.

Note that this will only work for the spaces that overlap; so if you have a small wrist and use the first 4 holes on S/M, you won’t find an in-between space on the larger M/L band. Likewise, if you have a large wrist and use the last 4 holes on M/L, you won’t find an in-between space on the smaller S/M band.*

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*I have only tested this on the 42mm bands; it’s possible the 38mm differs, but I suspect it is the same. If you can confirm, please let me know and I’ll update this post. 


4 thoughts on “How to get Apple Watch Sport Bands to Fit Perfectly

  1. Thanks, I didn’t notice that. But I already tried both. The problem is, the M/L is so much longer, there is a lot of extra rubber to fit in between your wrist and the other part of the band. So M/L will always be a little bit more tight than S/M. In my case this effect exactly compensates the difference in whole positions. So M/L feels exactly as “too tight” or “too loose” than S/M.
    The good thing is, the band wear out over time so they get a little bit longer every week. I think in two week the band will fit perfectly.


  2. The genius of Apple’s band! The s/m was just a little to loose in the 3rd hole and just a little too tight in the 4th hole. I changed to the large band and now it fits perfectly. I am wearing it as tight as it goes but you’re right about the holes fitting in between each other on one size vs the other. I have the 38 mm band.

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  3. THE APPLE WATCH SPORT BAND is perfect watch .There are available fitbit band for small and large wrist so we easily buy this watch and We choose size in it . We easily doing work my favorite app in it . I can say this watch is very Interesting .THANKS FOR SHARING .


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