Recommended App: World Time Widget

I’m excited to share with you World Time Widget by Lewis Smith! I wrote last week about why I recommend it, but wanted to provide a review this week so you can see how it works and why you’d want to get it. Some time apps are complicated and thus not useful, but World Time Widget focuses on doing one thing and doing it very well. Unlike many timezone apps that are spammy, pester for reviews, or display annoying ads, World Time Widget is designed simply and cleanly to get you the information you want, as you want it. Continue reading

Sponsor: email service

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I’ve found the email digest a great way to see the most-discounted items each day, on everything from monitors to hard drives to cables to cell phones to projectors to cameras and much more. If you’re in the market for a particular item, or just always on the prowl for good tech deals, check out and start saving time and money today!


TechHunter is a site that scours Amazon for the best tech deals each day and delivers them to you via email, its website, Twitter, or RSS feed. Hundreds of items go on sale each day, but TechHunter wades through them all and finds the very best discounts each day, saving you time and energy. Whether computers, monitors, cables, cell phones, hard drives, projectors, cameras, or anything else tech-related, TechHunter finds the deals so you don’t have to. Continue reading