How to track Robinhood stocks using IFTTT, Launch Center Pro, and Workflow

I recently began using Robinhood to purchase and sell stocks. I love Robinhood, as it offers a 100% free, legite, no-gimmick way to buy and sell stock (they make their money from interest on uninvested funds), but I wanted to put my purchases into a spreadsheet so I could track them easier. Typing that data in automatically would be a pain and I didn’t want to do it with every transaction. Fortunately, Robinhood sends a confirmation email with the details of each transaction, so, with the magic of IFTTT, Launch Center Pro, Workflow, and Google Sheets, I was able to create a workflow that does this automatically with one tap.

Here’s the overview:

  1. An IFTTT recipe finds the Robinhood email and sends the text to Launch Center Pro
  2. Launch Center Pro gives me a notification on my phone that, when tapped, sends the text into Workflow
  3. Workflow parses the email into variables for date, stock symbol, stock price, purchase/sale, calculates the total value, and sends it to IFTTT
  4. IFTTT then places the data into a Google spreadsheet where I can do what I please with the data

In detail, here’s what that looks like:

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