Black Friday & Cyber Monday iOS & Mac App Deals!

I’ve gone through 3400+ apps on sale & curated the best app deals for you. Rather than give you a list of hundreds of app names w/o explanation, I’m giving you just the cream of the crop with a brief explanation of what it is and does. I hope you enjoy!

Note: Apps are likely all no longer for sale, but they are still great apps that will serve you well!

Productivity & Utilities

  • Pixelmator for Mac, HIGHLY recommended graphics editor; on HUGE sale, now $14.99! (orig $29.99)
  • Pixelmator for iOS, HIGHLY recommended universal graphics editor; huge sale, now $1.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Fantastical 2 for iPad, HIGHLY recommended calendar w/ natural language input; now $4.99! (orig $9.99)
  • Fantastical 2 for iPhone, HIGHLY recommended calendar w/ natural language; now $2.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Clips, clipboard manager, Pro upgrade on sale; now $0.99! (orig $1.99)
  • Dispatch Email, email integrated w/ dozens of apps, HIGHLY recommend; now $2.99! (orig $6.99)
  • Opener, clever extension that opens links w/o leaving your app; now $0.99! (orig $1.99)
  • Due, HIGHLY recommended reminders & timers app; now $2.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Notability, an Apple Editor’s Choice note-taking & drawing app; now $3.99! (orig $5.99)
  • Notability for Mac, note-taking app w/ sync to iOS version; now $3.99! (orig $5.99)
  • iA Writer, minimalist text editor with TextExpander support; now $0.99! (orig $2.99)
  • 2Do for iOS, powerful to-do app; big sale, now $7.99! (orig $14.99)
  • 2Do for Mac, powerful to do app; on HUGE sale, now $24.99! (orig $49.99)
  • AppHop, terrific App Store analysis tool for bloggers & developers; now $0.99! (orig $3.99)
  • Fotograf, a great photo editor with stunning filters; now free! (orig $1.99)
  • Linky, terrific app for sharing links to multiple social media; now $1.99! (orig $3.99)
  • Blogo Blogging App, Mac app that integrates w/ WordPress, Medium, & Evernote; now $14.99! (orig $29.99)
  • Screens VNC Remote Access for iOS, great remote access solution; now $9.99! (orig $19.99)
  • Screens VNC Remote Access for Mac, Remote desktop client i’ve seen highly recommended; now $14.99! (orig $29.99)
  • Stocks Pro, real time stock/FOREX tracker; now $10.99! (orig $14.99)
  • Templates For Pages, over 2000 templates for Pages documents; now $12.99! (orig $24.99)
  • Deliveries, highly recommended, best package tracker app there is; now $2.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Deliveries for Mac, best package tracker out there; now $2.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Graphic for iPhone, vector illustrator & graphics editor; now $0.99! (orig $2.99)
  • Graphic for iPad, vector graphics illustrator & editor; now $3.99! (orig $8.99)
  • iThoughts, mind mapping tool; now $5.99! (orig $11.99)
  • Pomodoro, timer in your Mac status bar for maximum effectiveness; now $1.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Longscreen,, recommended app for merging & joining screenshots; now $0.99! (orig $2.99)
  • Paprika Recipe Manager for iPhone, digitize & manage recipes, plan meals & generate shopping lists automatically; now $2.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Paprika Recipe Manager for Mac, manage recipes, plan & shop for meals; now $9.99! (orig $19.99)
  • Paprika Recipe Manager for iPad, manage recipes, plan & shop for meals; now $2.99! (orig $4.99)
  • PDFPen 2, the gold standard for PDF mobile management; now $10.99! (orig $19.99)
  • aNote Screenshot, clever action extension to markup screenshots; now free! (orig $2.99)
  • Just Press Record, audio recorder for Apple Watch, iPhone, & iPad; now $1.99! (orig $2.99)
  • Daisydisk, visually see what files are taking up space on your Mac; now $4.99! (orig $9.99)
  • Typeeto, use your Mac keyboard to type on iOS devices; now $1.99! (orig $9.99)
  • Tadam, simple Pomodoro timer for your Mac status bar; now $1.99! (orig $3.99)
  • Flexiglass, Mac window management & resizing tool; now $4.99! (orig $9.99)
  • aTimelogger 2, track your personal & project time use; now $0.99! (orig $2.99)

Resources & Education


And that’s it! The best app deals of the more 2000 apps on sale for Black Friday! Enjoy getting some fantastic apps at great prices!

Former sales, now ended:

  • MacID, recommended app to unlock Mac from iPhone or Apple Watch; now free! (orig $3.99)

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