Christmas & Holiday iOS/Mac app sales 

I’ve looked at over 2,000 apps on sale for Christmas and the holidays and pulled out the best for you! Enjoy!

Update: Apps are no longer on sale, but they are still great apps that will serve you well if you need to accomplish what they will do!

 The Best of the Best: my top 10 list

  • Broken Age, an incredibly clever game, winner of a Best Game of 2015 Apple award; now $2.99! (orig $9.99). Also on sale is the Mac app for $7.99! (orig $24.99)
  • Alto’s Adventure, one of the best games of 2015, winner of dozens of awards; now $0.99! (orig $2.99)
  • Fantastical 2 calendar, highly recommended app and one of my favorites because of its natural language input; now $2.99! (orig $4.99) for iPhone. Also on sale for iPad, now $4.99! (orig $9.99)
  • 1Password for Mac, the BEST way to have secure, unique, & strong passwords without having to remember them all; HIGHLY recommend; now $31.99! (orig $49.99).
  • Tweetbot 4, the best Twitter client in existence, now $4.99 (orig $9.99). Also on sale is Tweetbot for Mac, for $6.99! (orig $9.99)
  • Drafts 4, HIGHLY recommended app to capture, process, & automate text; this is one of my favorite apps ever, now $4.99! (orig $9.99)
  • Launch Center Pro, one of my favorite automation apps that I use daily; schedule texts, put geo-fence triggers on Workflows, put shortcuts in your Today widget; highly recommended; now $1.99! (orig $4.99)
  •  Day One, the best journal app out there, my favorite & highly recommended; now $0.99! (orig $4.99). Also on sale is Day One for Mac, now $6.99 (orig $9.99)
  • TextExpander for iOS, save time on everything you type; one of my most-used & loved apps; now $2.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Ticket To Ride, a fantastic rendition of the award-winning strategy board game; one of my favorites & greqt for the whole family; now $2.99! (orig $6.99)


  • Badland, a clever Apple award-winning game; now $2.99! (orig $1.99)
  • Leo’s Fortune, winner of Apple’s Best Game of 2014 & an Apple Design award; now $0.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Blek, fun game of momentum & strategic puzzles; now $0.99! (orig $2.99)
  • Goat Simulator, cause mass chaos & destruction in this bizarrely fun game; now $0.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Hitman Go, award-winning game of strategy & infiltration; now $0.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Infinity Blade III huge sale on the epic conclusion to the sword fighting series; now $0.99! (orig $6.99)
  • Thomas Was Alone a fun creative game that won Apple’s Best Game of 2014 award; now $0.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Lara Croft Go action/adventure game that won Apple’s Best Game of 2015 award; now $1.99! (orig $4.99)
  • OTTTD, a must-have game if you enjoy tower defense strategies; now $0.99! (orig $1.99)
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers, an award-winning tower defense strategy game; now $0.99! (orig $2.99). Also available for iPad for $2.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Kingdom Rush Origins, award-winning tower defense strategy game; now $0.99! (orig $2.99)
  • Kingdom Rush HD, award-winning tower defense strategy game for Mac; now $4.99! (orig $9.99)
  • Duet Game, the award-winning game of crazy finger dexterity & mental agility; now $0.99! (orig $2.99)


  • Sidefari, view two webpages side by side in Safari on iPad ; now free! (orig $1.99)
  • Procreate Pocket, great app for anything creative & an Apple Best App of 2015 winner; now $0.99! (orig $2.99)
  • Notability, Apple Editor’s Choice app for note-taking, typing, & audio recordings; now $0.99! (orig $5.99)
  • Ulysses one of the best iOS writing apps, highly recommended; HUGE sale, now $9.99! (orig $19.99)
  • AppCooker, iPad app for prototyping and mocking up app concepts & designs; now $19.99! (orig $29.99)
  • Fotograf, photo editor with fantastic filters; now free! (orig $1.99)
  • Lightscreen 2, powerful app to sort, edit, tag, and manage your screenshots; now $2.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Textgrabber+ Translator OCR, select any text & translate it via action extension; now $0.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Documents 5 by Readdle, a Swiss Army knife for documents; now free! (orig $4.99)
  • PDF Expert 5, read, sign, annotate, & manage PDFs on iOS; now $4.99! (orig $9.99)
  • Pdf Forms, fill out, sign, & manage PDF forms on iOS; now $3.99! (orig $8.99)
  • Printer Pro, the most powerful iOS printing solution I’ve ever seen; now $2.99! (orig $6.99)
  • Calendars 5, a calendar task manager; now $2.99! (orig $6.99)
  • Audioshare, manage & edit audio documents on iOS; now $2.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Scanner Pro by Readdle, one of the best scanning apps out there, recommended; now $0.99! (orig $2.99)
  • Pennies, budget & track your expenses; now $1.99! (orig $4.99)
  • Clear, minimalist task manager, now $0.99 (orig $5.99). Also on sale is the Mac app for $4.99! (orig $9.99)
  • Screens VNC (Mac), top-of-the-line VNC app to remotely access your Mac; now $19.99! (orig $29.99)
  • Typeeto, use your Mac keyboard to type on any iOS device; now $4.99! (orig $9.99)
  • Screenflow 5, top of the line Mac app for recording your screen; now $34.99! (orig $99.99)
  • Grafio Diagrams, diagram your ideas in this mind mapper app; now $4.99! (orig $7.99)
  • Djay 2, turn your iPad into the ultimate djay station; now $4.99! (orig $9.99)
  • Persistence, track your goals habits and get reminders to stay motivated; now $0.99! (orig $1.99)

Information and Education

  • Weather Line, a weather app with enough design to be Gruber’s favorite; now $1.99! (orig $2.99)
  • Deliveries, best package-tracking app out there; now $2.99! (orig $4.99). Also on sale for the same prices is Deliveries for Mac
  • Soulver Notepad Calculator, innovative calculator combined w/ a notepad; great for back-of-envelope calculations; now $0.99! (orig $2.99). Also on sale is Soulver for Mac; now $5.99! (orig $11.99)
  • PriceRadar, fully-featured app to track Amazon price changes; now $0.99! (orig $1.99)
  • Merlo For Twitter, analyze your Twitter trends data & grow your social influence; now free! (orig $4.99)
  • Where To?, find the best points of interest near you & at your exit; now $0.99! (orig $2.99)
  • Terminology 3, a dictionary for those who like iOS automation; now $0.99! (orig $2.99)
  • PCalc, the most powerful scientific calculator app on iOS; now $6.99! (orig $8.99). Also on sale is PCalc for Mac; now $6.99! (orig $9.99)
  • Star Walk 5, innovative astronomy app to explore the stars in your night sky; now $0.99! (orig $2.99). Also on sale for iPad
  • Daisydisk, app to discover and manage space-hogging files on your Mac; now $6.99! (orig $9.99)

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