Watchscreen: Craig McClellan, teacher and blogger

Watchscreens is a weekly series exploring how different people are using Apple Watch in their lives. Like sharing iPhone home screens, there’s a lot to learn and discover from others in this brand-new category. McClellan-headThis week I’m glad to share the watchscreen of Craig McClellan (Twitter). Craig is an elementary school teacher and a self-described nerd. He’s combined both those passions in his excellent blog,, which has a ton of productivity ideas applicable well beyond the classroom. So, Craig, show us your watchscreen! Continue reading

Watchscreen: Lewis Smith, iOS developer & photographer

I’m pleased to introduce a new weekly series highlighting how different people are using Apple Watch, what apps they’re using, and how its fitting into their lives. Since Apple Watch is an intensely personal product, each person will find different ways to use it. Like sharing iPhone homescreens, I hope this will help you discover apps and tips and tricks along the way.

Without further adieu, let’s look at our first Watchscreen, that of Lewis Smith (Twitter, Web).Version 2 Lewis is a fantastic developer with great design sensibilities. He created the excellent World Time Widget (which I reviewed) as well as a Progress fitness app, and Tagger photography app. So,  Lewis, show us your watchscreen! Continue reading