Thoughts on Apple Watch at The Apple Fancast

This week, I was featured in a discussion on Apple Watch over at The Apple Fancast. It’s an interesting discussion that ranges from how I’m using Apple Watch to whether I see a role for complications, glances, and apps on the device to what I’d like to see improved and changed. There’s a lot in the piece and I think you’ll find it worthwhile. Check it out!

This week I’ve been taking part in an ESL camp and unable to write a longer piece, but check back for my analysis of how Google can monetize in a future of wearables. If I’m right, then Google hasn’t peaked but is just getting started.

Recommended Apps: Terrific Deals

Rather than follow my typical pattern, in which I recommend a specific app, I want to make you aware of some tremendous deals on top-notch, highly recommended apps.

Drafts is currently 30% off and it is, hands down, the best note taking app I’ve ever used–but not because it’s a good note taking app. Rather, it’s kind of like Grand Central Station for text; you put text in super fast and easy and then can send that text wherever you want–to an email, calendar, iMessage groups, Facebook, Twitter, Workflow, Evernote, Fantastical, your favorite to-do app (Things, OmniFocus, ToDoist) and more.

I love Drafts because it allows me to brain dump ideas and thoughts without worrying about where they go, then send those thoughts off to the right place so my brain stays clear but my thoughts stay organized. It is one of my favorite apps and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Get Drafts today for $6.99 (normally $9.99)–the sale ends VERY soon, so be fast.

DayOne is, without question, the best journaling app for iOS and the Mac. It is absolutely delightful to use and does everything that a good journaling app should do: it has beautiful typography, a clean design that gets out of the way so you can focus on journaling, tags for your entries, TextExpander support, rock-solid cross-device syncing, share sheets to quickly get items into it, and one of the best Apple Watch apps I’ve seen.

I love DayOne because of how easy it makes it to journal my life. For example, I have it set to remind me to journal each day; when it puts the notification on my Apple Watch I can, with one tap, tell it to add the latest picture to my journal. While it’s putting in the picture, it also adds my location, the weather, my fitness levels that day, and it can even add a song that I’m listening to–all with one tap. If you’ve been wanting to journal but found it too much work, this is a great way to get a great record of your life with as little as one tap. Get DayOne today (iPhone/iPad for $1.99 [normally $4.99], Mac for $4.99 [normally $9.99])

Monument Valley is a absolutely delightful and thought-provoking game. I’m not much of a gamer, but I love puzzle games and this is one of the best, if not the best, puzzler I’ve ever played. What makes it so fun is the way that it forces you to think creatively and abstractly in order to move your character through the mazes. As you manipulate the pieces of the maze for your character, you can enable the maze to do things in 2D that are simply impossible in three dimensions–and that is what makes this game stand so far apart from any other game I’ve played. It’s creative, fun, and a delightful challenge. Get Monument Valley today for $1.99 (normally $3.99).

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