Sponsorship Sale: 80% off!

Update 5/25/15: This offer no longer valid.

In honor, excitement, and anticipation of Apple Watch, I am announcing a huge sponsorship discount for items related to Apple Watch (apps, bands, accessories, etc.)! If you’ve got a cool item and are looking to promote it, markdmill.com will give your app exposure to thousands of Apple fans for just $10–80% off the normal sponsorship rate! I am that excited about Apple Watch and everything it’s going to bring!

During the months of May and June, I’ll be writing weekly review posts about Apple Watch, apps I’m using, and how the device fits into my life. Grab this chance to get in front of thousands of early adopters! You’ll get the same great benefits of a normal sponsorship, including the Start-Up Sponsor Bonus, but for one-fifth the price.

If you’re interested,  contact me via email or on Twitter to choose your sponsor date.

This offer only good for Apple Watch app sponsorships…however, if you can make a good case that your sponsorship is related to Apple Watch…I’ll listen.

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